Our concept

Before we begin, we would like to tell you our story... 

Màloma means malolactic. Like fermentation in winemaking, malolactic fermentation, or malo, is the transformation of malic acid into lactic acid by anaerobic bacteria called lactic acid bacteria. This process results in a decrease in acidity and allows the wine to become more stable and supple. So Victor and Georges want you to discover the world of fermentation in its various forms. Sourdough, fermented cabbage, lacto-fermented vegetables, kefir water, wines, beers... 

We will add touches of fermentation here and there to complete, embellish or simply accompany a dish.

In order to guarantee the freshness of our products as well as the time at the table, we propose a 4-course discovery menu that will express the identity of our restaurant but also the know-how of our producers. 

See you soon...

Georges, Victor, Jérome, Joséphine, Eduardo and Ninon

Regardless of the weather, we prefer indoor tables.

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements, intolerances or allergies and we will adapt the menu. 

Our menu will change according to the seasons and the arrival of our products.

Our story

Our mission and commitments are to be ethical, sustainable, and as local as possible.

The team

  • Georges Athanassopoulos

    Georges Athanassopoulos

    Chef de cuisine
    Georges est co fondateur et le chef de Màloma. Chef passionné d’une cuisine raisonnée, il veille à chercher des producteurs locaux respectueux des produits et de l'environnement. Son but est de vous proposer une cuisine la plus durable possible axée sur le gout.⁠
  • Victor Deramay

    Victor Deramay

    Directeur de salle
    Victor est le directeur de salle et co-fondateur de Màloma. Généreux et d'une gentillesse sans pareil, il saura vous accueillir avec bienveillance et simplicité. Il aime apporter une service décontracté tout en amenant une touche personnelle à chaque client.
  • Eduardo


    Eduardo works behind the scenes of the restaurant. Always smiling, he brings his good mood to the team.